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A manga download script written in python. It only supports for now. But support for other sites is planned™.

Before downloading a new chapter, the script always checks if there is already a chapter with the same name in the download directory. If found the chapter is skipped. So you can run the script on a schedule to only download new chapters without any additional setup.

The default behaiviour is to pack the images to a cbz archive. If you just want the folder with all the pictures use the flag --format "".

Currently Supported sites

Features (not complete)

  • Metadata support with ComicInfo.xml
  • Json caching
  • Custom hooks after/before each download
  • Custom chapter name format
  • Volume support
  • Multiple archive formats supported (cbz,cbr,zip,none)
  • Language selection
  • Download all chapters directly
  • And others...


Quick start

python3 \
          --url \
          --language "en" \
          --chapters "all"

With GitHub

git clone # clone the repository

cd manga-dlp # go in the directory

pip install -r requirements.txt # install required packages

# on windows
python <options>
# on unix
python3 <options>

With pip (pypi)

python3 -m pip install manga-dlp # download the package from pypi

python3 -m mangadlp <args> # start the script as a module
manga-dlp <args> # call script directly
mangadlp <args> # call script directly

With docker

See the docker README


Usage: [OPTIONS]

Script to download mangas from various sites

--help                          Show this message and exit.
--version                       Show the version and exit.
source: [mutually_exclusive, required]
-u, --url, --uuid TEXT        URL or UUID of the manga
--read FILE                   Path of file with manga links to download. One per line
verbosity: [mutually_exclusive]
--loglevel INTEGER            Custom log level
--warn                        Only log warnings and higher
--debug                       Debug logging. Log EVERYTHING
-c, --chapters TEXT             Chapters to download
-p, --path PATH                 Download path  [default: downloads]
-l, --language TEXT             Manga language  [default: en]
--list                          List all available chapters
--format [cbz|cbr|zip|pdf|]     Archive format to create. An empty string means don't archive the folder  [default: cbz]
--name-format TEXT              Naming format to use when saving chapters. See docs for more infos  [default: {default}]
--name-format-none TEXT         String to use when the variable of the custom name format is empty
--forcevol                      Force naming of volumes. For mangas where chapters reset each volume
--wait FLOAT                    Time to wait for each picture to download in seconds(float)  [default: 0.5]
--hook-manga-pre TEXT           Commands to execute before the manga download starts
--hook-manga-post TEXT          Commands to execute after the manga download finished
--hook-chapter-pre TEXT         Commands to execute before the chapter download starts
--hook-chapter-post TEXT        Commands to execute after the chapter download finished
--cache-path PATH               Where to store the cache-db. If no path is given, cache is disabled
--add-metadata / --no-metadata  Enable/disable creation of metadata via ComicInfo.xml  [default: add-metadata]

Contribution / Bugs

For suggestions for improvement, just open a pull request.

If you want to add support for a new site, there is an api template file which you can use. And more infos and tools are in the contrib

Otherwise, you can open an issue with the name of the site which you want support for (not guaranteed to be implemented).

If you encounter any bugs, also just open an issue with a description of the problem.


  • Make docker container for easy distribution --> Dockerhub
  • Automate release --> Done with woodpecker-ci
  • Make pypi package --> Done with release 2.1.7
  • Add more supported sites