Docker container of manga-dlp

Quick start

the pdf creation only works on amd64 images, as it unfortunately is incompatible with arm64.

# with docker-compose
curl -O docker-compose.yml
# adjust settings to your needs
docker-compose up -d

# with docker run
docker run -v ./downloads:/app/downloads -v ./mangas.txt:/app/mangas.txt olofvndrhr/manga-dlp

Change UID/GID

The default UID and GID are 4444.

You can change the UID and GID of the container user simply with:

# docker-compose.yml
  - PUID=<userid>
  - PGID=<groupid>
docker run -e PUID=<userid> -e PGID=<groupid>

Environment variables

You can configure the default schedule via environment variables. Don't forget to set MDLP_GENERATE_SCHEDULE to "true" , else it will not generate it (it will just use the default one).

For more info's about the options, you can look in the main scripts

ENV Variable Default manga-dlp option Info
MDLP_GENERATE_SCHEDULE false none Has to be set to "true" to generate the config via environment variables
MDLP_PATH /app/downloads --path
MDLP_READ /app/mangas.txt --read
MDLP_LANGUAGE en --language
MDLP_CHAPTERS all --chapter
MDLP_FILE_FORMAT cbz --format
MDLP_WAIT 0.5 --wait
MDLP_FORCEVOL false --forcevol
MDLP_LOG_LEVEL --warn / --debug / --loglevel Can either be set to: warn, debug or a custom loglevel integer

Run commands in container

You don't need to use the full path of because /app already is the working directory

You can simply use the docker exec command to run the scripts like normal.

docker exec <container name> python3 <options>

Run your own schedule

The default config runs once a day at 12:00 and fetches every chapter of the mangas listed in the file mangas.txt in the root directory of this repo.

Default schedule


python3 /app/ \
    --path /app/downloads \
    --read /app/mangas.txt \
    --chapters all \
    --wait 2 \

To use your own schedule you need to mount (override) the default schedule or add new ones to the crontab.

Don't forget to add the cron entries for every new schedule

# docker-compose.yml
  - ./crontab:/etc/cron.d/mangadlp # overwrites the default crontab
  - ./crontab2:/etc/cron.d/something # adds a new one crontab file
  - ./ # overwrites the default schedule
  - ./ # adds a new schedule
docker run -v ./crontab:/etc/cron.d/mangadlp # overwrites the default crontab
docker run -v ./crontab2:/etc/cron.d/something # adds a new one crontab file
docker run -v ./ # overwrites the default schedule
docker run -v ./ # adds a new schedule

Default crontab file


# default crontab to run manga-dlp once a day
# and get all (new) chapters of the mangas in
# the file mangas.txt
# "/proc/1/fd/1 2>&1" is to show the logs in the container
# "s6-setuidgid abc" is used to set the permissions

0 12 * * * root s6-setuidgid abc /app/schedules/ > /proc/1/fd/1 2>&1

Add mangas to mangas.txt

If you use the default crontab you still need to add some mangas to mangas.txt. This is done almost identical to adding your own cron schedule. If you use a custom cron schedule you need to mount the file you specified with --read.

# docker-compose.yml
  - ./mangas.txt:/app/mangas.txt
docker run -v ./mangas.txt:/app/mangas.txt

Change download directory

Per default as in the script, it downloads everything to "downloads" in the scripts root directory. This data does not persist with container recreation, so you need to mount it. This is already done in the quick start section. If you want to change the path of the host, simply change ./downloads/ to a path of your choice.

# docker-compose.yml
  - ./downloads/:/app/downloads
docker run -v ./downloads/:/app/downloads